Helen Yu Flanagan - Family Law Attorney
The decision to file for divorce is highly emotional and difficult.  There are so many factors to consider: the stress of finance, the placement of children and the division of your assets and debts.  You will need sound legal advice to help guide you through this difficult time.
The staff at Flanagan & Associates, P.C. are ready to assist you to navigate through this legal and emotional maze.  We are a team of dedicate professionals who will handle your case with efficiency, compassion and understanding.  Our clients frequently refer friends, family and buisness associates to us becuse they know we can be counted on to provide effective and client-focused legal service.
We invite you to contact our office and set up a confidential consultation to discuss and address your particular family legal needs. 
Flanagan & Associates, PC is focused on providing effective and efficent legal service to our client, be it in the court room, in mediation or in our office.   We strived to offer you the best econcomic and practical solution to your  legal issues.  We do not waste our talent, our client's money or anyone's time.   
Languages spoken at our firm:
Spanish,  Chinese and English
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