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Helen Yu Flanagan, Esq.

Helen Yu Flanagan has been practicing law in Augusta, Georgia for over twenty seven years. She began her legal career as an Assistant District Attorney for Augusta Judicial Circuit in 1990. For the past twenty five years, Helen has engaged in private practice with primary focus on Family Law issues.

She has assisted over 150 families in the adoption of a child. She has represented clients as young as eight and as old as ninety-eight. Helen is knowledgeable in military regulations and recent changes regarding support, military retirement and other related benefits such as VA disabilities. She is admitted to the United States Court of Military Appeals. Helen understands the stress placed on the soldiers and their families during deployment, family separation and change in duty stations, and can effectively address the unique demands and needs of a military family.

In 2017, the firm begin to offer Mediation services to clients and local attorneys. Helen acts as a neutral in the mediation, and assists the litigants to resolve their legal conflicts by seeking out their own solutions. This alternative dispute resolution method helps people resolve their legal conflict in a less formal yet more effective manner. For example, in family cases, and especially those dealing with children, where a standard parenting plan ordered by the court may not serve the interest of the children or the family, solutions resulting from Mediation designed by the parents are especially important. Helen is able to use her legal experience in the courtroom, combined with her personal experiences with clients in over 27 years, to offer insights and creative solutions to conflicts. 

Born in Hong Kong, Helen immigrated to New York City in 1978. In 1987, Helen obtained her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University School of Engineering in New York City. She obtained her law degree in 1990 from Georgia State University, School of Law. Helen is admitted to practice law in the State and Superior Court of Georgia, Court of Appeals of Georgia, Supreme Court of Georgia, District Court of the Southern District of Georgia, and to the Court of Military Appeal. Member of the Georgia State Bar, Member of the American Bar Association and serving on the Executive Board of the Augusta Family Law Bar since 2009. Helen is the Chair of the Augusta Family Bar Association 2017- 2018. She has been named as Top 10 Best Attorneys in Georgia by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. 

Helen is married to Doug Flanagan, Judge of Juvenile Court in Augusta Judicial Circuit, Georgia since 2000. They are blessed with twins, Isabel and William, age 18. Isabel will be a Dwag this fall at UGA, and William will be a Paladin at Furman University. The Flanagans are proud parents of an Eagle Scout, William.

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